Frequently Asked Questions

I get an error message saying: "Could not load HyperDock preference pane"!

I'm not quite sure yet why this happens, but installing the current developer version seems to fix it.

HyperDock shows "Trial Expired" error messages even though I bought HyperDock in the Mac App Store.

This is a bug in certain older release versions that occurs if Mac App Store and Homepage versions are installed in parallel. To fix this, upgrade to HyperDock 1.7 manually.

What's the difference between the Mac App Store and the homepage version?

Due to some restrictions, the App Store version has a slightly reduced feature set:

  • The homepage version lives in your system preferences, the App Store version is an app.
  • The homepage version gives you faster updates and access to developer versions.
  • The shortcuts functionality isn't ported to the App Store version (yet).

I lost my license file!

Try the license recovery tool

HyperDock gives me errors on license activation / when uninstalling!

This is most often caused by incorrect permissions. Try to completely remove HyperDock with this script:, and install HyperDock from scratch.

May I use the license on all my Macs?

You may use your license on all your personal accounts on any Mac.

HyperDock doesn't work for me since I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion!

Make sure you use the latest version. If that doesn't fix it, try to reset your configuration (HyperDock preferences -> About -> Restore Defaults).

Could you add feature X?

Maybe, I’m always open to new ideas. Simply drop me a message and I see what I can do.

You do not answer my mail!

You should usually receive an answer within 24 hours. If not, try to resend it with a NOSPAM prefix in the subject.

HyperDock is repeatedly asking me to enable 'Access for assistive devices'.

Follow this tutorial to authorize HyperDock to use the Accessibility-API.

Will you include Safari/Chrome/Firefox tab previews?

They are on my mid-term long-term todo list.

What information is contained in the crash reports?

The crash reports contain the same information that apple uses for their crash reports, i.e. thread states, used libraries, register contents...

HyperDock uses PLCrashReporter for its crash reports. You can find information on their homepage on how to decrypt these. The reason for them not being human readable is that HyperDock strips "debugging symbols" from the binaries to achieve a smaller package size.

What about Mac OS 10.4., 10.5?

Sorry, I internally use much code that is 10.6+ only.

Will you add a volume control slider to the iTunes preview?

Probably. But you can also adjust volume by scrolling on the iTunes preview OR the iTunes dock icon itself!

After upgrading to lion, a popup window appears asking me to enter my password when I launch Safari!

I'm currently inspecting this issue. A workaround is to restore the default configuration (HyperDock preferences -> About -> Restore Defaults).