FinderPath 0.9.7, Mac OS X 10.6++
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Press Command+G or click on Finder's titlebar item to activate the FinderPath address bar.

Tab/Return Complete highlighted suggestion & open Path in Finder
Down Arrow Display a list of completions
⌘ + Return Open file
⌘ + Up Go to parent folder
⌘ + H Go to Home folder
⌘ + N Open new Window
Escape Leave address bar
⌘ + R Reload (also works when inactive)
⌘ + T Open in Terminal (also works when inactive)
⇧⌘ + F Enter Search Mode (also works when inactive)
⇧⌘ + . Show/Hide hidden files (restarts Finder, also works when inactive)

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Release Notes

FinderPath 0.9.5
March 23, 2015

FinderPath 0.9.4
April 30, 2010

FinderPath 0.9.3
April 26, 2010

FinderPath 0.9.2
April 22, 2010

FinderPath 0.9.1
April 21, 2010

FinderPath 0.9.0
April 19, 2010

This is the first Release of FinderPath. Expect some bugs and annoyances. Note that this is a early beta release after one day of coding. There is no gui/preference pane yet.

Use at your own risk!


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